Model T is a complete pack of style and smartness. It is designed for comfortable ride by making it to be one of the best ergonomic design of Pakistan. This indigenous made premium quality e-bike’s chassis are light weighted, more attractive and powerful than ever. It can hold weight up to 300 kg. The core characteristics of Model T is its power and performance.


The li-ion battery pack is made with high energy density li-ion cells. This battery pack takes only 3.5 hours to completely charge. There is a battery management system which is design to take care of charging and discharging of battery to make it safe and help to increase the battery life. Second pack of battery can also be placed to increase the traveling range.


Model T comes with a Brushless DC motor with a peak power of 7.2 KW and of an efficiency above 90%. These motors are modernize with mounted disc brakes. These motors are not only dust proof but also water proof. Teleport new design e-bikes allows a journey to begin from conventional fossil fuels to begin from conventional fossil fuels to electric mobility making it fuel free and eco-friendly.


The controllers are made up of state of art technology allowing you to enjoy three modes i.e performance, eco balance and power. It consist of safety features like Antilock-braking system and advance features like a cruise control along with a LCD interference allowing it to be user friendly.

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