Model T1


Reaching Destinations

With Model T1, you can go anywhere in your city. Ride more with the option of dual batteries.



Unmatched Performance

Model T1 is best of its class with a peak power of 9000W which gives you an instant acceleration and a power that leaves everything behind.



Uncompromised Strength

Model T1 was passed through several tests including Stress, Displacement, and Strain in order to ensure that you reach your destination safely.



Regenerative Braking

Charge your battery as you brake. Model T1 one harnesses the deceleration by converting the mechanical power from wheel to electrical power to provide better efficiency.


Model T1 Specifications

Motor & Transmission

  • Drive Type: Hub Motor (Direct Drive)
  • Power: 9000W Peak Power
  • Speed: 100km/h (Limited to 75 km/h for Safety)
  • Transmission: Automatic

Top Features

  • Cruise Control
  • 5V Mobile Charging Output
  • Upgradeable Battery (Range upto 200 km)
  • Anti Theft GPS Tracking (Optional)

Battery & Power

  • Battery Type: Li ion (16s 10p) 160 Li ion Cells
  • Capacity: 26 ah
  • Power: 1.75 kWh
  • Safety Type: Power Cut Off

Display Interface

  • LCD Display (3.5 in)
  • Power Meter (Battery Percentage)
  • Odometer (Distance Travelled)
  • Speedometer (Instantaneous Speed)

Regenerative Breaking

Regenerative braking uses your bike’s motor as a generator to convert much of the kinetic energy lost when decelerating. This energy is then stored back into the bike’s battery. The next time you accelerate your bike, it uses much of the energy previously stored from regenerative braking instead of tapping in further to its own energy reserves.

Chassis & Suspension

  • Body Type: Cruiser Moped Hybrid
  • Suspension: Shock Absorption by force deviation through 2nd class lever inverted T mechanism.
  • Capacity: 150 Kg

Safety Mechanisms

  • Safety Cut Off
  • Over Charge / Over Discharge Cut Off
  • Over / Under Voltage Cut Off
  • Over Heat Cut Off
All specifications and descriptions contained in this section are verified to be accurate at the time of uploading.
However, because continuous improvement is a goal at Teleport Electric Vehicles (Pvt.) Ltd,
we reserve the right to make product modifications at any time. To communicate any inaccuracies and omissions in this document,
please send us an email on :
* Model T1 is a prototype and not the final product. The final version “Model T” will have differences and further improvements. And will be available for pre-order soon.

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NOTE: Model T1 is a prototype and not the final product. The photos you see are merely a design made with permission of BREKR for learning purpose and not for the purpose of sale and production.​
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Teleport is working at its best to launch the final version of the prototype Model T1. Meanwhile, You can add yourself to the Wishlist in the menu. You can also subscribe to our news letter to get latest future updates.